Company Overview

Echo Creations, Inc. is an international corporation that manufactures specialty bows, ribbon and accessories for the greeting card and gift-wrap industries. Echo has dedicated its manufacturing facilities to the production of polypropylene ribbon and fabric ribbon.
A summary of the Echo's products are as follows:

  • Specialty gift bows
  • Curly bows
  • Curling ribbon spools
  • Sheen ribbon spools
  • Poly/Fabric ribbon logs
  • Hand-tied bows
  • Custom hand-made fabric gift bag
  • PTE gift bag
  • Fabric gift wrap
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Company History

Echo was established in 1995 as a manufacturer of fabric ribbon for the gift-wrap and department store market. In 2001, Echo Creations and Sunyee Craft Products formed a partnership and opened their factory for the production of poly ribbon and gift bows for the greeting card and gift-wrap industries. Due to tremendous growth and success of our poly ribbon line, in 2003, Echo-Sunyee built a new and larger ribbon factory. With the completion of our new factory, Echo has increased its production capacity by 35% per month. We employ 250 production line workers and 20 administrative and management staff in China, Taiwan, and the United States.
Since 1995, Echo has grown from a small manufacturer of fabric ribbon, to a major manufacturer of ribbon, giftbows, and gift-wrap accessories.

Our Mission Statement

Echo Creations mission statement is to work closely and in partnership with our customers to develop and manufacture their customized products to be marketed exclusively in their product line. This is accomplished by working closely with all the appropriate departments to determine their needs and direction. This collaboration with our customer enables Echo Creations to develop new materials, adapt to current trends and strengthen our production capabilities for our customer use.


Factory Entrance Factory Recreational Area Curly Bow Staging Area Hand-Made Curly Bow Production Line Slicing Machine